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Gami x Fiori Colors Oneshot Kit

Gami x Fiori Colors Oneshot Kit

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The Colors Oneshot Kit was made to Inspire you create.

It Contains 680 Oneshots

All One Shots were Recorded with real Instruments & made from Scratch. Fiori ran tons of them through his Analog chain to get a unique sound.

The kit Contains :

108 Analog Synth Oneshots

51 Bass 

38 Keys

65 Mallets / Tonal Percussions

26 Eccentric Sounds 

17 Unique Textures 

21 Woodwinds

69 Strings

39 Vox

69 Atmospheric Fx Sounds

72 Percs

26 Brass

50 Chops

10 Drones

19 Synth Accents

Artwork by Yunyun

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